Baby Doll Necklace ~ Circa 1860

Robin Dudley-Howes, Instructor
Saturday, October 17, 2009 11:00a-4:30p
Skill Level: All (some wire experience helpful)
Class Fee: $85.00 kit:$20.00

We are thrilled to have one of our most popular teachers return with an all new necklace for fall. Robin Dudley-Howes is back teaching her Baby Doll Necklace featuring an antique German doll. Robin's fascination with these miniature dolls has led to yet another eclectic mixed media necklace contrasting vintage with contemporary.  In this project you will learn innovative wire shaping techniques, hammering, clasps, problem solving and sturdy wire construction with out using a torch! These techniques will elevate your future jewelry projects into new territory.  As always Robin will do her best to make sure your necklace is finished in class.

Supply List:
• jewelry pliers (without teeth) round, chain, and flat nose
 • wire cutters • 5 feet wire for each gauge: 18, 20, 22, 24 round;
18 gauge square wire (available only in sterling silver or gold) 
• chain: 9-12 inches large (4-10mm) and 6 inches of small (2mm) chain
• optional: patina solution, files, steel bench block and chasing hammer
Please note:
Wire suggestions, gauges and length: Sterling silver dead soft and gold can be found at Annealed steel, brass, copper or galvanized steel can be found at local hardware stores.  Bronze wire can be found at 
Avoid bringing craft wire from a craft store. It’s too weak.   
All class fees are prepaid, and non-refundable. Contact class manager Dede Warren at 714-757-0558 to reserve your place in this class. You may also reserve your place in person at the store by check, cash or credit card, or via phone with your credit card. Call us if you need assistance...we'll be happy to help!