Majestic Medallions

Seth Apter, Instructor
Friday, January 16, 2015, 6:00-9:00pm
Class Fee: $60.00
Kit Fee: $10.00

Seth Apter is coming back in Southern California mid January and he's headed to Gilding the Lily! Come learn to create your own Majestic Medallions using bezels and pendants from Spellbinders A Gilded Life collection along with your own found and purchased objects. The addition of paper, foil, and embellishments will bring a royal flair to these pieces. Your medallions can be vintage, steampunk, victorian, colorful, blingy, or any other style you choose. We will be creating a painted base for the medallions so they can be displayed as artwork but options to use your creations as jewelry or stand-alone assemblage will also be reviewed.

Tools & Supplies:
*Acrylic paint (assorted colors, some metallic paint suggested) *Paint brushes (cheap bristle brushes work well) *Water container and paint palette *Water mister *Adhesive: bring two types of your favorite – one for adhering paper (my favorite is PVA) and one for adhering metal (my favorite non-toxic brand is Liquid Fusion and my favorite toxic brand is Loctite) * Paper: card stock, craft foil, hand painted, scrapbook sheets, etc. to cut up using provided dies *Hardware: assorted sizes/patinas, vintage and/or new. Examples include metal or rubber washers, watch parts, gears, pocket watch-cases, coins, commercial embellishments, brads, etc. Think in terms of circular-ish shapes that have a circumference of 3 inches or less. *Bling: small stones, gems, craft self-adhesive bling, etc.

All class fees are prepaid, and non-refundable. Contact class manager Dede Warren at 714-757-0558 to reserve your place in this class. You may also reserve your place in person at the store by check, cash or credit card. Call us if you need assistance...we'll be happy to help!