Treasure Necklace with Robin Dudley Howes

Mixed Media Technique and Materials Workshop
with an emphasis on soldering
Robin Dudley-Howes, Designer and Instructor
Workshop Fee: $55.00
Kit Fee; $10.00
Saturday, August 1, 2009 11:00a~3:30p New Date Just Opened!

A swath of fabric from a treasured garment, a petal from your wedding bouquet, a marble from your grandfather….these are treasures that are unique to you and will become forever preserved in this special class. We will explore various techniques to encapsulate and preserve your treasures by learning techniques in soldering basic glass charms and uncommon objects like dice, dominos, small china or bisque items (old doll arms etc), small pieces of a plate you couldn’t throw out….you get the picture. This is a great class for beginners and those who want to hone their soldering skills. Basic jump rings to attach to your necklace will be taught as well. Bring in a box of your favorite treasures and we’ll see if we can make them into charms for your very own treasure necklace! This is a process based class. If this is a new hobby for you, please be aware the initial cost for supplies and tools may cost up to $200, possibly more. These supplies will last a long time, so any other classes you take for soldering the cost will be minimal. On the other hand, you may already have many items shown in the supply list below.

Soldering Supply List:

- Bone folder
- Metal cork backed ruler
- Black sharpie marker, thin
- Xeroxed or copy right free images to use for your charms no bigger than a microscope slide or 2x2. Pressed flowers are okay too.
- Lead free solder from Canfield (available at stained glass stores, or
- Gel flux (available at stained glass stores)
- Cellulose sponge (Glastar brand) not a regular sponge, also available at stained glass stores
- Flux brush with coarse bristles (stained glass store)
- Cutting mat
- Scissors and xacto knife
- Soldering iron 80 watts to 100 watts either a Weller 100 with a small chisel tip (1/8”or 1/4”) plus stand and station or a Hakko 45 watt ceramic heater 120v with stand and station. These are available at stained glass stores, (great starter kits available), or A small tip is very important (1/4 or 1/8”) for all irons. I use the Hakko 45 watt soldering iron. Invest in good won’t regret it!
- Oil glass cutter with swivel tip (pistol grip) stained glass store
- Glass breaking pliers sometimes called running pliers (stained glass store) you can use mine if need be
- Safety glasses
- Tweezers

Optional: Flux remover, microscope slides, copper tape 1/4 and 3/8 inch, copper sheet backing, sal amoniac. Other Items to consider for your treasure necklace: A chain necklace to add your charms, any length (longer is better). A box of your own treasures (dice, wood game pieces, small fabric or lace bits, viles, domino etc.) Photographs should be zeroxed and shrunk to no larger than 2x2 to fit into a small charm. Pliers: flat nose, chain nose and round. Wire cutters. Your Kit will have the following items: If you do not want or need a kit, we will deduct $10 from your class fee. Microscope slides, 2x2 pre cut glass, beveled glass, flat back marbles, copper tape, bails and wire, copper sheet. You will have access to Robin's glass grinder, some of my images and flux remover.

All class fees are prepaid. Kit fees are paid directly to the artist. Contact class manager Dede Warren at 714-757-0558 to reserve your place in this class. You may also reserve your place in person at the store by check, check, cash or credit card, or via phone with your credit card. Call us if you need assistance...we'll be happy to help! Details on the class blog at

"Ethereal Joy" Banner with Kristen Robinson

Mixed Media Holiday Banner Class
Friday, December 5, 2008 6:30~9:30pm
Teacher Fee: $55 (includes all materials) Skill Level: All

Join Stampington Artist and Writer Kristen Robinson in creating this Ethereal Joy Banner- exclusive to Gilding the Lily. Glitter and ribbon dance amongst a stream of feathers while baubles, letters and treasures found amongst the drawers at the Lily are included in this delightful banner which is perfect not only for the holidays but for any day or occasion.

In the class Kristen will be teaching her never fail cone technique as well as a traditional crepe paper embellishment. Each student will walk away with a completed project that will delight. All items needed for the banner are included please bring a few tools (listed below with you)!

Please Bring With you
• Scissors
• Adhesive suitable for paper (I prefer Zip Dry Glue available at Michaels and Joann’s)
• Wire Trimmers
• Needle Nose Pliers

Included in your Class Kit
• Feather Boa
• Banner Flags
• German Glass Glitter Letters
• Vintage Sheet Music
• Vintage Clip Art
• Baling Wire
• Crepe Paper
• Ribbon
• Buttons

"Ritual Adornment" with Robin Dudley-Howes

Ritual Adornment~Repurposing Old and New Jewelry into Wearable Art
Saturday, December 6, 2008 11:00a-2:00p
Teacher fee: $35 Level: all

Ritual Adornment~Repurposing Old and New Jewelry into Wearable Art 11:00a-2:00p Teacher fee $35 Level: all

This class is EXCLUSIVE to Gilding the Lily. With all of the wonderful vintage buttons, jewels/findings and chain available to purchase at Gilding the Lily and Robin’s 11 years jewelry experience each student will be guided into making his/her own unique necklace or bracelet from broken bits and pieces of jewelry as well and new components. Robin will go over simple attachments such as how to make your own jump rings, clasps and connections. Some review on drilling holes and clever attachments of unusual findings will be covered as well. Feel free to bring some of your own old broken jewelry (maybe from grandmas stash) as we explore
new territory!

Supply list:

Jewelers pliers~ Flat nose, chain nose, small and large round nose, wire cutters. DO NOT BRING PLIERS WITH TEETH.
18 gauge wire in any OR all of the following (5 or more feet each):
Sterling silver, german silver, brass, copper, annealed steel (has a tendency to rust)
NO craft wire. (It’s too weak)
A piece of suede or felt to work on

Optional: steel bench block, chasing hammer, polishing cloth, jewelers files
Teacher will bring drill, metal hole puncher, large files and handouts.

Vintage Era Shadow Boxes with Christine Rose Elle

Mixed Media Art Assemblage
NSunday, April 26, 2009 11:00a-3:00p
$75 teacher fee
(includes kit for every student) Level: All

Your class fee with Christine includes a $20 kit fee, which will include all the essentials for your shadow box (see “Included in your kit” below). Christine encourages students to bring a focal element and any other materials that would be meaningful to incorporate into their project. Christine has supplied a list of items to bring and some possibilities for inspirations. This is a mixed media creation that you can incorporate almost anything into!
The beautiful beadwork you see on Christine’s sample in the store is an example of her beautiful French wired and beaded flowers; we hope to have her come back and instruct on this age old art as well. You’ll also see by looking at her shadow boxes that old bits of jewelry, lace, papers, and other fripperies make a wonderful addition to your project.

Christine will also include an instruction booklet for you to take home that is crammed with inspiration you can refer to on your artistic journeys! In preparation for the class, please feel free to visit Christine’s blog ( and flickr account to see more examples of her work.

Supply list and ideas for inspiration:
• small focal item, such as a tintype, half doll or figurine
• glue gun
• xacto knife and blades
• cutting mat or surface
• scissors
• favorite edging scissors
• ModPodge Matte
• a few paint colors
• favorite papers or ephemera
• vintage ribbons and lace scraps
• flowers if you have specials ones you want to use
• non-glossy decorative paper
• fabric scraps
• glitter and gel pens

Included in your kit:
• wood shadow box
• ephemera
• wall hook
• sponge brush
• instant age medium
• use of all Christine’s supplies

Christine will bring for students to use:
• miscellaneous ephemera
• assorted flowers
• crepe paper
• pins
• gold scrap
• papers
• edging scissors
• vintage lace
• paints
• fabric scraps


"Pretty Punched Portfolio" with Robin Dudley Howes

Mixed Media Portfolio with Robin Dudley-Howes
November 15, 2008
11:00am ~ 3:00pm
Teacher's Fee: $50 Skill Level: All (basic hand sewing skills)

I love this sweet little portfolio, which reminds of an oversized needle case, one of my favorite vintage things. Robin has embellished this with easy ribbon flowers, vintage trims, buttons and laces, along with a focal she created herself in needle punch. An applique, cabochon or almost anything will make a great focal, even a vintage photo framed in lace.

Below you'll see some of the interior of the book: what a wonderful take-along! I picture myself tucking in all the bits and bobs I need for a project and taking them along on a drive, an appointment where I know I will want to keep my hands and mind occupied, or even a day at the park or beach! Look at the wonderful old dress clip she has incorporated into this page...

Robin's Class Description Follows:

"We will be making a beautiful book like portfolio to hold sewing tools and needles or any precious treasures you may have. You will learn how to make a simple fabric covered book with binding and signatures (pages), simple embroidery, some ribbon roses and easy tassels! The center piece on the cover was made using miniature punch needle embroidery and we will go over that for those who are interested however if you already have a punch needle embroidered piece that you would like to use, please bring it or any other appliqué that might work. We will also go over how to felt your own wool squares at home. This is a process oriented class, however you might be able to finish this book in class depending on your experience. To make your time in class more efficient come with a theme or color scheme in mind."

Materials List:

• Sewing needles, tapestry needles and beading needles
• Scissors
• 1/2 yard pre-felted wool or something like it
• 1/2 yard regular wool
• 1/2 yard for inside cover and pages…I used a cotton floral print
• A few yards of ribbon like velvet, specialty and rayon for trim, tassels and ribbon flowers~1/8 to 1/4 inch wide
• 11x17 sheet (approx) of plastic needle point canvas for the book covers
• 1/2 yard stiff needle point canvas
• beads, buttons, antique trim, small doilies, old jewelry bits

• Punch needle, size small or medium
• Weavers cloth, 10x10 at least
• Several colors embroidery or craft floss (I highly recommend black as a staple)
• 5 " embroidery hoop
• Image for your needle punch design (I used my own). There are kits available with various images

"Les Petite Cadeaux" ~ Little Gift Boxes with Priscela

Little Gift Box Workshop with Artist Priscela Magdaleno
Wednesday, November 12, 2008 11:00am~3:00pm
Price: $15.00 per person Skill Level: All

Spend a wonderful Wednesday afternoon learning to create these adorable "petite cadeau" or little gift boxes with paper and ephemera artist Priscela Magdaleno. You'll bring your own mache boxes, and learn techniques that you can carry forward onto more boxes and other paper-based projects as well. This is both a process- and project-based class, so you'll take a beautiful finished gift box home with you.

Materials List:

1. Ruler
2. 2 sheets 12x12" decorative paper ( Priscela will bring extra paper)
3. Glue Stick ( the larger the better!)
4. Priscela will bring vintage children's photos ( if you have any you like, please bring them)
5. Any glitters or embellishments you might want
6. Scissors
7. Paper mache box ( approx 4 x 4 x 3 inches square) it should be small to start your first box; after that the sky is the limit!

Priscela will bring:
Rolls of crepe paper (mainly white, pinks, pale yellow)
Pinking shears (She has two pairs; bring your own if you have them; we also have lots of trimming scissors in the store)
Swet little photos and images
High quality "braces" to hold your paper in place, cleverly disguised as...clothespins!

Note: if you would like the inside of your box painted, please paint it before you come to class; that way we just concentrate on the exterior decoration and embellishment!

Parlourette Necklace with Christine Rose Elle

Cold Connection Jewelry Designing
November 8, 2008 11:00a-3:00p
$75 teacher fee (includes kit for every student) Level: All

“Learn techniques for incorporating your favorite vintage findings and focal items whether it be guilloche’ enamel pieces, vintage lace and ribbon, old buttons, handpainted cabochons, lampworks beads, and much more. Create a necklace that the finest lady in the salons of France would have been proud to wear! Ohh la laa! Tre jolie!” ~ Christine Rose Elle

Your class fee with Christine includes a $20 kit fee, which will include all the essentials to make your necklace. Christine encourages students to bring a focal element and any other findings beads and such that would be meaningful to incorporate into your necklace. You can see by the photos here and samples in the store, that almost anything can be transformed into a centerpiece for your creation...think buttons, lockets, photos, old pins, you name it! Christine will also teach the beading technique you see on the mixed media bird necklace that incorporates an old mother of pearl focal, vintage lace and seed beads.

Christine will also include an instruction booklet for you to take home that is crammed with inspiration you can refer to on your artistic journeys! In preparation for the class, please feel free to visit Christine’s blog ( and flickr account to see more examples of her work. Stop in the store to see if there are any items you need to pair up with your focals and beads. I have a wonderful little tub of “orphans” looking for good homes!

Supply list and ideas for inspiration:
• ribbon for tie
• ribbon for decor
• cabochon or focal item
• vintage lace or trim
• a selection of beads, spacer beads, and focal beads
• 4-8 inches of chain (any variety of your liking)
• round nose jewelry pliers, flat nose pliers, bead pliers
• delica seed beads (7.5 gram tube of color of your liking)
• 24 or 26 gauge wire

Supplied in your kit:
• Lacy’s stiff stuff
• Vintaj rings, crimps and links
• beading wire
• access to my various supplies
• nymo
• needles
• vintage fabric for backing
• small dishes for housing beads

The following list of items are not necessasry to create something beautiful, but it might be nice to bring them if you have them on hand!
• rosary chain
• your own fabric label
• charms
• eyepins
• bead caps