Botanical & Rust Dyed Scarves

Lorri Scott, Instructor
Saturday, August 27, 10am - 4:30pm
Class Fee: $125.00
$30 kit fee 

Northern California artist Lorri Scott is gathering flora, fabric, rusty bits, and her tools to come share her process in eco-dyeing with Gilding the Lily. We couldn't be more excite to host Lorri and learn her unique methods.
This class is a journey through a garden of your own creation to wear when you need the soft embrace of Mother Nature. Fabric is laid out, littered with fallen leaves, bygone rose petals, neglected rust relics, and perhaps sprinkled with a few special elements. Bundles of nature are wrapped, bound, and left to transcend and work their magic.
In this workshop we will experiment on various fabrics as well as vintage linen. Scarf blanks will be dyed and you can choose to further embellish them with some of your eco-dyed prints, or leave them as is. Lorri will show us how to finish the scarves with her unique hand seen hem. Bring a few of your favorite bits to embellish your scarf further, as well as a bit of rhinestone chain for added sparkle. Be prepared for the heady aroma of eucalyptus, and onion skins smoldering, and be open to the surprising transformations of the dye process.

Supply to Bring:
pincushion & pins, fabric scissors,
protective apron (disposable gloves will be provided) 
vintage lace, buttons, trim & adornments for embellishment

All class fees are prepaid, and non-refundable. Contact class manager Dede  Warren at 714-757-0558 to reserve your place in this class. You may also reserve your place in person at the store by check, cash or credit card, or via phone with your credit card. Call us if you need assistance...we'll be happy to help!