Mon Petit Coeur (My Little Heart)

Jen Cushman, Instructor
Saturday, November 8, 2014, 10:00-3:00p
Class Fee: $115.00, everything included!

The vintage visages in old photos are too precious and inspiring to collect dust in an old box. Take your treasured family photo (or choose from the transparencies provided) and turn it into a beautiful wearable work of art in this workshop with Jen Cushman, mixed-media artist, author and instructor. We’ll learn how to effectively harness both positive and negative space when creating mixed media pendants using lovely backless bezels and ICE Resin®, a crystal clear jeweler’s grade epoxy resin. Embed small treasures into your collage, such as rhinestone chain, buttons, text or words, glass glitter, vintage ribbon or lace, millenary flowers, broken bits of bobbles and jewels to create a truly unique beauty. Gilded rosary chain and tattered ribbons provide just the touch of vintage-inspired design to our Mon Petit Coeur necklace. Jen and Gilding the Lily will provide everything needed to complete this lovely piece!

Tools & Supplies:
Round nose jewelry pliers, flat nose or chain nose pliers, wire snips, and scissors. 
*If you wish to personalize your piece...
bring several found objects such as pearl buttons, broken vintage jewelry, bits of old ephemera, snips of lace or ribbon. If you wish to use your own photo, please be sure to bring toner based or laser printed copies or reproduction pictures (like those printed at your local photo center). It’s best to scale the images down so they are no larger than 2 to 3 inches maximum and fit inside a bezel. Images will be cut to fit and for design consideration.

All class fees are prepaid, and non-refundable. Contact class manager Dede Warren at 714-757-0558 to reserve your place in this class. You may also reserve your place in person at the store by check, cash or credit card. Call us if you need assistance...we'll be happy to help!