Memory Evoking Spoon Pendant

Kecia Deveney, Instructor
Saturday, February 27, 2010 10:00a-2:00p 
Class Fee: $85.00

What is it about spoons that we find so intriguing? Come explore vintage spoons and and see how New Jersey Artist, Kecia Deveney uses them in her art. Kecia finds spoons particularly fun, and has transformed this vintage one into a beautiful pendant. Join us around the table and play as you learning to cut, bend, hammer, distress, drill, solder and more! Kecia will also teach you how to take any metal focus piece you bring, and add it to create a show stopping spoon pendant.

Supply List:
• focal point for your spoon, such as:
key, keyhole, charms, watch pieces, tin types, tine dolls - get creative! 
• wash cloth • old place mat • old cookie sheet • hammer & bench block • soldering iron, stand, & sponge • spool of solder 

All class fees are prepaid, and non-refundable. Contact class manager Dede Warren at 714-757-0558 to reserve your place in this class. You may also reserve your place in person at the store by check, cash or credit card, or via phone with your credit card. Call us if you need assistance...we'll be happy to help!